What Order to Read

One of the top questions received is what order to read the books in. All of the books are written so they can be enjoyed without knowing what happened in previous books, however there’s nothing like reading from the beginning to see how the characters you love developed.

James Acton, Special Agent Dylan Kane and Delta Force Unleashed Thrillers

With these being crossover series, they can be read independently, with the other books or series ignored, or they can be read in the following intended order:

The Protocol (Acton #1)

Brass Monkey (Acton #2)

Broken Dove (Acton #3)

Templar’s Relic (Acton #4)

Flags of Sin (Acton #5)

Rogue Operator (Kane #1)

The Arab Fall (Acton #6)

Containment Failure (Kane #2)

The Circle of Eight (Acton #7)

Cold Warriors (Kane #3)

The Venice Code (Acton #8)

Pompeii’s Ghosts (Acton #9)

Amazon Burning (Acton #10)

Death to America (Kane #4)

The Riddle (Acton #11)

Payback (Delta #1)

Blood Relics (Acton #12)

Infidels (Delta #2)

Sins of the Titanic (Acton #13)

The Lazarus Moment (Delta #3)

Saint Peter’s Soldiers (Acton #14)

Black Widow (Kane #5)

The Thirteenth Legion (Acton #15)

Raging Sun (Acton #16)

Kill Chain (Delta #4)

Wages of Sin (Acton #17)

Forgotten (Delta #5)

Wrath of the Gods (Acton #18)


Detective Shakespeare Mysteries

This is the intended order for the Shakespeare series:

Depraved Difference (Shakespeare #1)

Tick Tock (Shakespeare #2)

The Redeemer (Shakespeare #3)

Zander Varga Vampire Detective

This is an easy one! There’s only one book at the moment, so read it in any order you want!

The Turned (Zander Varga #1)

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